1) Diamond Bar High School Orchestra @ Lincoln Center

     It was amazing to watch these talented high school students perform/compete at Lincoln Center in March 2015.   It took 7 air flights to take their entire ensemble from CA to NYC.  DBHS orchestra program was established in 1982.  Diamond Bar High School is ranked one of the top high schools in the nation.  Bravo!!!  

Please click on Youtube Video to listen!












2) Memorial High School Orchestra

     It was so inspiring meeting the director Bingiee Shiu and assistant director Danielle Prontka at Carnegie Hall in 2014.  This wonderful opportunity for HP students to listen, learn, and share ideas from you and your students for 3 days really made a difference in the HP Orchestra Program.  Bravo to all of your accomplishments!


3) Martin High School Orchestra

     Director Michael Stringer and his amazing orchestra!

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